This Privacy Policy is in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 and sets out how "Always with a Heart" uses and protects any information you give when using either this website or the services of "Always with a Heart".

On visiting the Always with a Heart website you will have been asked whether you are happy to allow the use of cookies.  Cookies are small data files which a web site stores on your computer hard drive (if permitted by your web browser). 

The Always with a Heart website uses cookies from Google Analytics and Square Space Analytics, to deliver their services and to analyse traffic.  Your IP address and user agent are shared with both, together with performance and security metrics, to ensure quality of service, generate usage statistics and to detect and address any abuse.  All the information collected is shared with Always with a Heart.

The privacy policies of Google Analytics and Square Space Analytics privacy policies can be found here:
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There is a contact form available on the website for making your initial contact with "Always with a Heart".  Prior to completing and submitting the form please take some time to read the ways in which any information you agree to share is protected.  You will be asked to tick a box to confirm you have read this policy before your form can be submitted.  By ticking this box you have confirmed you are happy to share the details contained within the form and to be contacted via email (or telephone if you have added your contact number and specified you would like to receive a telephone call in the message box).

Any personal information you provide (at any stage) will never be sold or shared with any third parties.  

If you choose to use "Always with a Heart" for your stationery requirements then you will only ever be asked for information needed to complete your order.  You will be asked to sign as confirmation that you are happy for your details to be held solely for the purpose of creating your stationery.  Some of this information will be stored securely as a "hard copy" and some will be stored on a computer in the form of working documents, emails, text files and artwork.  The computer is password protected and covered by anti-virus protection. Once your wedding/event is completed then eight weeks later all computer files relating to you will be deleted, along with all the emails that have been shared between us.  You will receive one final email to confirm that his has taken place and then your contact details will be removed from the email contact file.   

Any samples, or proofs that have been made and signed, that contain your personal details will also be destroyed.  The only paperwork that will be kept will be copy invoices and quotations which are required for accounting/tax purposes.  

Any stationery that contains your personal information will never be shown to other customers and will never be put on display at wedding fayres, or on this website, unless you have confirmed that you are happy to allow this.