There is a photograph of an invitation on your website that I really love but I want to change some parts of it. Is that possible?

Yes, of course .. .. you can change anything and everything until your perfect stationery is achieved.  There is a vast array of card and ribbon samples to choose from .. ... as well as lots of gorgeous embellishments.

Unfortunately though I cannot carry everything in stock, as there are just far too many beautiful items to be found, but I do have samples that we can use to co-ordinate with fabric swatches etc and from these I will be able to order card and ribbons for us to design with.

Is there a minimum quantity I am allowed to order?

There is no minimum quantity .. .. you can order as little or as much stationery as you like.  

We are working to a very tight budget and need to be strict with our spending . .. is this going to be a problem?

Most couples getting married need to watch their pennies, and with so much to take into consideration in creating your “perfect day” everything can suddenly spiral out of control.

It may be that some of my stationery prices fall outside of your budget but don’t worry, we can always look to see if there are ways we can produce the same “look” by using a less expensive card or ribbon or by removing/changing some of the elements.

We love your work and know we want to use you for our stationery but at this point in time  we don't know our colours or guest numbers.  Is there any way we are able to secure your services ready for when we are in a position to place an order?

Time can be reserved in my diary for you, based on "what you think you will be requiring" and a fee of £50 is charged for doing this.   This amount is then deducted from your stationery costs as you place your order.  

However, if you do not proceed to place an order then unfortunately the £50 is non-refundable as I will have turned other interested couples away, assuming I will be working on your stationery.

Do you have any other samples I can look at?

Yes, I have lots of samples and if you would like to call to have a look through them then please leave your details on my contact page and we will arrange a mutually convenient date and time to do this.

Do you attend any wedding fayres where I can see your work?

Yes, I do attend wedding fayres but not many in a year.  The fayres I do attend, along with recommendations from former customers, keep me nice and busy.  The next fayre I have planned can be found on the Fayres page. 

I can't see any prices on your website. How much do your invitations cost?

All of my stationery is priced individually depending on the type of card/ribbon/embellishments and design you choose .. .. but as a guide the less intricate invitations start at £3.00 each